Research Paper Automotive: Why you should reorient your automotive business model, now

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The automotive industry is undergoing a revolution. This is not limited to the development and construction of new types of vehicles but is transforming the entire set-up of the industry.

The revolution itself consists of the intertwined development and eventual fusion of connected, electric and autonomous automotive mobility. Cars have become holistic communication centres, which permanently converse in active and passive ways with the driver and other connected persons, within the machine, and from the machine to the infrastructure.

At the same time, rapid technological changes, regulations, and new consumer expectations pose new challenges to both manufacturers and suppliers.

20blue Research Institute (together with its partner Softeq Development GmbH) has investigated the tech trends in the automotive industry over the last two years. In interviews with 12 experts from the automotive and IT-industry, we evaluated the most important developments. This research paper summarizes the findings of this investigation.

Published by: Anja Mutschler (V.i.S.d.P.)

Contributions by: Konstantinos Alexandropoulos, Thomas Termin et al.

Editing: Mona Nikolić

Layout: Björn Berger, Justina Kravcalyte

52 pages.

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